Anne Archer


Anne recently completed production on the feature film “Lullaby,” which explores with tremendous humor the power of life. The ensemble cast features Garrett Hedlund (“On The Road” and the upcoming Coen brother’s film "Inside Llewyn Davis.") In addition to Anne, the cast also includes four other Academy Award Nominees: Richard Jenkins, Amy Adams, Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard. The film written and directed by Andrew Levitas, will premiere later this year.

Anne has co-produced the soon to be relesed feature film "The Squeeze",  written and directed by her husband Terry Jastrow.  “The Squeeze” is about a talented young golfer who’s never been outside his small Southern rural town and is recruited by a smooth talking gambling addict to head to Vegas to make some serious cash. He soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of one upmanship between Riverboat and Jimmy Diamonds, a mobster who’s rather kill than lose a wager …”.

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